Jeonbuk Museum of Art: “Rise of Jeolla: Jeolla Gulgi” Exhibition
  • 2018-10-19 ~ 2018-12-09
  • “Rise of Jeolla: Jeolla Gulgi” exhibition is a special exhibition that presents the 1000year long Jeolla’s rise in contemporary art style. The exhibition is composed of the museum owned art pieces and 45 monumentally pieces by creative artists that are from Jeolla.

    Jeolla Gulgi Exhibition has set three topics; “Jeolla Mountains: Jeolla Sanha” embraces poetic aspect of Jeolla mountains that generously offer flourishing assets and beauty with the wide field; “Jeolla People: Jeolla Saram” shows the people - heroes that led the people during period of turbulence and ordinary people who live on this land with boldness; and “Jeolla Rise: Jeolla Gulgi” conveys the strong rising vitality through creative artworks that showcase the dreams and courage of the new thousand year.

    Jeonbuk Museum of Art will present the condensed power of Jeolla artists celebrating its 1000th year. These artists include those that have excellent view towards aesthetics and have a sense of elegance. Th exhibition is an artistic shout out of the Jeolla people and the rise of the new era. We hope that the audience could enjoy the creativity and sense of elegance of the excellent artists that have rose from Jeolla.

Pathos of the fringes
  • 2018-07-03 ~ 2018-10-14
  • is an exhibition that converges the contemporary art of Yogyakarta of Indonesia that takes pride in its high level of free spirits and Jeonbuk contemporary art of Korea with elegance. The exhibition entails the pathos of fringes, which are the source of creativity and liveliness, and artistic sentiment and passion. “Fringes” is space that continues to with a sense of dynamics and life force, while struggling against the hardened core. “Pathos” represent sentiment, collision and passion. The art gallery has paid attention to Asia for last three years through “Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition”. On a bigger frame, the gallery is rolling out “Asia Jidori Project”. This project is an aggressive initiative where Jeonbuk artists are sent off to other regions in Asia and bring in Asian artists to Jeonbuk for enhancing interaction and relations, while clarifying the diversity in Asia contemporary art that is deep and diverse and delving into the modern conditions into art. This year, we concentrated on Indonesia’s contemporary art. Jeonbuk Museum of Art visited many workrooms of Yogyakarta of Indonesia to encounter the genuine eyes of artists with high level of free spirits and life force and their artworks. Among them, eight successful artists like Heri Dono, Nasirun and Entang Wiharso were invited. They authentically convey somewhat mixed Yogyakarta’s cultural conditions. The project was partaken by young Jeonbuk artists that have been recruited through pre-challenge. They include; Lee Joonghee who is artistic Mandara-oriented yet is global, Hong Sunkii who reveals the scars derived from the social injustice, and Kim Byunghul who brings up a small light of hope in a layman through experiential installment art. Both Korea and Indonesia share the same pain as the countries that greeted the modern era as colonized countries due to imperialism supremacy. The process of modernization shook up hugely. In such a whirlpool of convulsion, we somewhat neglected Asia and failed to deep dive into ourselves. Through exhibition, we hope that one would expand their scope of thoughts as they collide against the disparity in their fixed ideas that are prent inside them. In addition, one should enjoy the pathos of Asian contemporary art that is rising up high.
Selected Young JEONBUK Artists 2018
  • 2018-04-17 ~ 2018-06-24
  • is an exhibition of artists selected through public recruiting. Among 36 applicants, total three people were selected this year by external experts. These artists include; Kim Sung-soo who communicate through play at the kinetic diorama set; Lee Seung-hee who focuses on relations while paying attention to the key social issues; and Ji-hyun who expresses the current era’s consumption images in a kitsch style. All these artists will also get to Pathos of the Fringes, where Indonesian Jakarta’s modern art and Jeonbuk’s modern art come to interact together, as well as China Art Museum Invitation Gallery and Plus Exhibition in Songzhuang, Beijing as invited artists. Jeonbuk Museum of Art is putting diverse efforts in supporting the selected artists through art critic one on one matching, production cost aid, creative studio residency, residency dispatch and international activities including Asia to strategically highlight their abilities and strengthen their creativity and competency up to another level.
Blooming on the Good Earth
  • 2018-04-17 ~ 2018-06-24
  • The exhibition presents the drastic changes Joenbuk art had experienced from the year of 1980 to 2000. It consists of 105 monumental artworks by twenty-six major artists(western painting, sculpture) with Jeonbuk area as their center. Grim the reality may have been, but dreaming and running like trains without breaks, they had conceived their artworks and brought them into this reality. Those were the days when Korean art was full of attempts breaking away from forms, logics and boundaries as backlashes against linear modernism. The attempts were expressed in the way such as returning to colors and narratives, social speech and postmodernism. While showing similar pattern to the flow of Korean art, Jeonbuk art realized a unique sense of beauty. Postimpressionistic figurative series, semifigurative series of strong narrative, experiment-seeking abstractive series, participatory art are diversely explored. Moreover, active creations by artists who received professional art education aroused revolution in the structure of Jeobuk art world. Resisting and challenging highbrow art, these artists actively carried out their creation by communicating and collaborating with other areas. The exhibition tries to illuminate the passion, challenge, artistic orientation within Jeonbuk artists who dominated an era. Simple but decent, Jeonbuk art has distinct sense of beauty and class. It has never and still doesn\\\\\\\'t boast a thick layer, but has showed excellence and spreads strong influence through clear characteristic and diversity. The truth is, we are still forming the history.
Contemporary art Dictionary, 7Keywords
  • 2018-02-14 ~ 2018-04-08
  • The exhibition is comprised of artwork related with these 7 contemporary art keywords: surrealism, informalism, pop art, monochrome, hyperrealism, performance art, and media art. The educational aim of the exhibition is to increase interest in contemporary art; and just as a dictionary is used to look up concepts, the artwork helps you to easily understand and enjoy these artistic concepts. Around 70 artworks from various artists, such as the innovator of media art - Namjun Baek, master of pop art - Andy Warhol, monochrome artist - Woohwan Lee, and performance art artists - Geonyong Lee and Gangso Lee, and other monumental artists’ works will be displayed.
Food Hunting Exhibition
  • 2017-12-15 ~ 2018-02-04
  • Food Hunting Exhibition is an exhibition that features the personal lives of 20 artists and the current times with the theme “food” on the center. Starting from the fundamental question about food, the exhibition calmly reflects the artistic imaginations on and around foods and the personal stories about the foods. This exhibition is indeed an artistic aphorism on foods. Take a different approach to the foods that you meet every day and just enjoy the contemporary art that features fresh and free spirits. In addition, keep in mind that the humans that cannot stop food hunting for survival would never get themselves rid of violence. Looking forward to voluntary self retrospect to “live a life with less violence”. Jeonbuk Museum of Art
  • 2017-09-01 ~ 2017-12-03
  • Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition 2017 “Asian Women Artists” Date : 1(Fri) September – 3(Sun) December, 2017 Opening : 1(Fri) September 16:00 Venue : Jeonbuk Museum of Art in Jeonbuk Province of Korea Type : The painting, installation and media etc. Conference : 2(Sat) September 10:00-16:00 Exhibition Features: The 3rd Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition this year will focus on the artistic, social and feminine characteristics of Asian female artists’ fine works. The works of Asian female artists reflect their Distinctive Sensibility/Sense, Sociality, and the Unique Characteristics as well as Feminism. We will invite 24 female artists from about 10 countries in Asia. Artists CHINA_ Zhen Guo, Xiuwen Cui TAIWAN_ Hai-Hsin Huang JAPAN_ Pyuupiru PHILIPPINES_ Jazel Kristin TURKEY_ Leman Sevda Daricioğlu MONGOLIA_ Nandin Erdene Budzagd INDONESIA_ Dita Gambiro VIETNAM_ Linh Phuong Nguyen BANGLADESH_ Bubly Barna KOREA_ Suknam Yun, kangja Jung, Seola Kim, Seongeun Kang Hayoon Jay Lee, Hyunduck Kang, Loc Hyun Lee Yoon Hee Suh, Sook Jin Jo, Yurim Cha Sung-ae Park, Mackerel Safranski, Jun Ahn, Boyun Ko
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